Garage L

Will, depression

Auteur(s): Iulian Fratila

Éditeur: Hardcomics

Support: Livre

Noir et blanc, couverture souple, 20x28 cm, 47 pages.

"Are you sad ? Are you unhappy ? Do you feel completely miserable, as if your whole life were nothing but a big hole ? Are you hopeless and helpless, damaged beyond repair ? Well, we’ve got our own problems, so don’t even think of coming to us for moral support. In fact, we’ve barely got any will left to live.
Yes sirry, that’s right ! But unlike you sissy pussies out there whining about how nobody loves you, how you’ve been kicked out of your job and can’t pay the rent no more, we are mining our depression resources ! During our period of ongoing turmoil and torment we had the extraordinary chance to encounter one creature who was in greater pain than us, on the brink of suicide even : Will, the depressive mouse. He looks like your average Mickey Mouse wanna be : skinny, white, bony ass, big nose, you name it, this mouse has got it all wrong.
If you wanna know what real pain feels like, buy Hardcomics #8 and have a look through the poor mouse’s eyes. You’ll be happy to be back to your crummy old life once you’re done reading !"

6 euro. Port : 2.50 euro.

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